Conscious parenting: A glossary holiday edition 

Understanding that the holidays bring with them much more than sleigh bells, we briefly explore conscious parenting and focus on words as tools and frames upon which to best navigate the holidays with connection.
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    Conscious parenting: A glossary holiday edition

    Carla is a mom of two girls that revolutionized her life! After feeling she was "doing it all wrong" she dove deep in a search. Ironically, in trying to fix her parenting for her kids, she discovered the greatest gift to them was in her own healing by parenting herself first. Carla recently took the leap to work full time in her practice as a Conscious Coach. She describes herself as a mirror, helping you to pause and connect with your authentic self through the use of conscious parenting techniques, compassion, radical acceptance and limits.

    You will learn:

    • To analyze the context and manage your expectations
    • To pause intentionally
    • How to set limits with compassion : Difference between a soft and a hard limit
    • What is radical acceptance

    Carla Calderón

    Consicous coach


    Carla es mamá de dos niñas que revolucionaron su vida. Después de sentir que "lo estaba haciendo todo mal", se sumergió profundamente en una búsqueda. Irónicamente, al tratar de mejorar la crianza de sus hij@s, descubrió que el mayor regalo para ell@s era sanar su propia infancia y criarse ella misma primero. Carla recientemente dió el salto para trabajar a tiempo completo en su práctica como Coach de Consciencia. Ella se describe como un espejo que te ayuda a hacer una pausa y conectarte con tu yo auténtico mediante el uso de técnicas de crianza consciente, compasión, aceptación radical y límites.

    Course reviews

    A total MUST before diving into the holidays' crazyness. Carla gave us useful tips to navigate these emotional days without loosing our heads. She is so sweet and experienced. 
    - Mar Reyes
    I appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge with us. I never heard of conscicous parenting before so this class was very interesting to me.
    - Lauren
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