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Masterclasses para Latinas+

Nutre tu conocimiento y expande tus habilidades para vivir una vida abundante. In English o Español.

Latinas on a mission

Our mission is to empower millions of women so they become financially independent and have an abundant life.
It's about arming ourselves with the necessary knowledge and confidence to start more businesses or land better jobs, while also taking care of our emotional wellness.

Master instructors

We take pride in our educators' curation. They are certified professionals who share our vision and pass on their expertise and knowledge to our community. We take our selection seriously to make sure their content will be the catalyst for your personal and professional success.

Bilingual Dialogue

Our programs either in English, Spanish or Spanglish, provide a safe space, free of judgment to participate in Q & A sessions. 

Mi gente

Mujeres poderosas gather to thrive and lift each other up. You will have access to our private digital space to connect with your workshop amigas and educators. 

Our Workshops

What our community says

"Luego de la clase, ella no sólo echó un vistazo a mi Branding sino me regaló un feedback super bueno que me ayudó a tomar desiciones para mi negocio."

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Quality content

Master Coaches



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The mission is ours

Closing the
Latina Wealth Gap

You have the power to take control and begin your wealth-building journey. 
The goal is to create a more equitable economic landscape where Latina women have equal access to resources, opportunities, and financial security.

Give yourself the knowledge and community you deserve

Thank you!
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